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How to prepare your child for his/her first ever camp

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The day that your child departs for the camp can be a scary one. For you, the parent, as well as your child. That’s why is important to mentally prepare him or her for what lies ahead. Explain to your child how this new newfound independence is supposed to work. Explain to him/her that is freedom is not just to be enjoyed, but to be responsibly cherished. Tell the kids that it’s okay to be scared. Almost everyone will be…

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5 Things to Expect When You Send Your Kids to an Overnight Camp

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Whenever it is time for kids to go for their first camp, there is always apprehension in their minds. Who will I meet? Will I make any new friends? Will I get along with my Tais and Dadas? But, arguably, it is the parents who are worried even more! Even though they put on a brave face while wishing their children goodbye on the day of departure, it’s quite natural to feel concerned. Well, we at Foliage Outdoors are here…

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The Tigers of Panna and their Success Story

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The story of the tigers of Panna is a bit of a roller-coaster ride. Located in the serene deciduous forests of Panna, in the Chhatarpur district of northern Madhya Pradesh; the Panna Tiger Reserve is home to a large number of tigers. But it wasn’t always this way. Let’s dial the clock back few years. Initially a part of the private hunting grounds of the kings of Panna, Bijawar & Chhatarpur states, the area now known as Panna National Park…

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Let your Kids Pack their Bags before going for Summer Camp

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“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”   -Denis Waitley Sending a kid to camp is one of the best steps that you as a parent can take. Camping teaches kids to be independent, self-reliant, to think out of the box and make lots of new friends. But the “independent thinking” portion of the learning experience need not start on the day of departure. It can start several days before…

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Summer Camps are Announced! Book Early and Save Big!

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A respite from the shivering cold, a respite from the endless drone of completions, assignments and exams. Worry not, for it’ll soon be summer; it’s time to get out of your slumber! Camp with the bears & hares, spiders & perhaps a tiger, and embrace your inner adventurer! No matter how hard you’ve been working, and no matter how much more you need to do, STOP! You deserve a break. A break, away from all the stress, the hectic schedules,…

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Backpacking in India – The Foliage Way

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Over the past decade or so, there has been a steep rise in the number of people taking up?backpacking as a way of going about their travel goals. The element of risk, freedom and a relentless craving of winning over raw-dressed adventure stakes inherently associated with it, has catered to this rise. The very idea of packing your backpack with basic essentials and hitting out on untouched pathways is in itself, a thrilling journey. The budget friendliness of this type…

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