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Trailing Along the Wild with Foliage

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(Blog-post compiled by Shruti Mirasdar) I literally cannot contain my excitement! Going back to nature is a feeling unrivalled, and amidst all the concrete that fills up your daily life, a few days spent in nature is always welcome. Even if it means work, especially if it means work. 2015 ? Ranthambhore I?ve seldom had a vacation or a trip where I went somewhere and I wasn?t working. Its not like I don?t crave a vacation, but doing work means…

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What Makes Our Treks and Camps stand apart?And Expensive?

Adventure Camps & Treks Foliage Outdoors

Our Camp charges aren?t expensive!!! They just ?look? expensive. Do read-on to know more. (Here?s a run through of our Valley of Flowers Trek, which is taken up as a case study, to answer the question, this blog post?intends to answer) DURATION The best time to see the Valley in its full bloom are the monsoon months of July and August. These monsoon months are synonymous with increased instances of landslides?which means that the tour schedule can go for a…

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