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(Blog-post compiled by Shruti Mirasdar)

I literally cannot contain my excitement! Going back to nature is a feeling unrivalled, and amidst all the concrete that fills up your daily life, a few days spent in nature is always welcome. Even if it means work, especially if it means work.

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2015 ? Ranthambhore

I?ve seldom had a vacation or a trip where I went somewhere and I wasn?t working. Its not like I don?t crave a vacation, but doing work means you have a purpose, you get to interact with the locals, learn something new, maybe get exposed to different faucets where a normal vacation wouldn?t allow.

Like when it was my first wildlife camp ? Ranthambore 2015

2017 ? Tadoba ? Sloth Bear

All the travelling I?ve done has been fulfilling despite of the crazy schedule. No complaints there. Now If I go to any place, I start wondering if I would get bored over there, sitting and doing nothing. Not that it doesn?t excite me, but travelling for a purpose seems more productive. If you have time and you are spending it doing something you love, while also contributing your energy, time to a productive cause, why not?

Or when it was traversing into the never-ending roads of on it for more!

2015 ? Corbett National Park

Because my desires just don?t seem to be fulfilled unless there is a cause behind it. The feeling of spending your time outdoors while also contributing to your growth and development by actually partaking some work is what brings joy.

Corbett (click to know more) is a cherished memory…Corbett forest is full of mysteries. You never come back the same.

I?ve been loyal to Foliage Outdoors where now its the second year running I am going for summer camps, and even though I get tired a lot, even though I could spend that time anywhere else, I prefer spending it developing my skills. The experience one gets there is what I wanted, what I craved for and what excites me about summer. Because I?ve seen the change in me. I?ve seen how difficult it is to manage a group of children and still make the camp a success. I?ve been on amazing camps with people who are really good at leadership skills and that makes me want to experience it too and see how much potential I?ve got!

I guess I would never be fully able to enjoy a leisurely vacation after all, because I would always want to do something while on it.??

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