Kenya Safari for Students
₹ 143,500
Recommended for Age Group 12 to 17 years. Kenya is an unforgettable experience with its exciting sightings of Africa’s famous Big Five, teeming wildlife and excellent lodging facilities. The Big Five refers to the five main attractions of African wildlife : the Lion, the Leopard, the Rhinoceros (both black and white species), the African Elephant, and the Cape Buffalo. Imagine yourself driving through the vast Savannahs when you suddenly spot a pride of lions lazing under a tree. This idyllic moment is broken by a cheetah chasing its prey at breakneck speed and antelopes gracefully leaping by. Add to it colourful birds chirping on the trees and a herd of African elephants strolling against the backdrop of a setting sun, and you have the experience of a perfect wildlife tour! Foliage Outdoors brings to you a chance to visit the Equator and come back home with a beautiful memory painted in your mind. read more read less