Who We Are

Welcome to Foliage Outdoors, your specialist in offbeat travel, providing enriching experiences for over two decades. Explore our Summer Camps, designed for ages 8-16, offering unmatched adventures in Adventure, Wildlife, Nature, Trekking, and unique experiences. Whether it's the Arctic, Antarctica, African Safaris, or Indian Wildlife Safaris, our curated journeys cater to families, friends, and solo adventurers, ensuring secure and seamless travel with our seasoned team.

Our dedicated experts at Foliage Travel & Leisure can create a personalized vacation tailored to your unique preferences. As your go-to global exploration partner, we organize tours to every destination in-between, boasting in-depth destination knowledge and a robust network of associates worldwide for world-class services.

Discover leisure camping at our exclusive Camp 365, managed by Foliage Outdoors,just 60 kms from Pune.

Book your adventure now to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, the excitement of adventure, and the thrill of discovery with Foliage Outdoors.