Foliage Outdoors has earned a special place in people's hearts, becoming their trusted choice for outdoor experiences over the years. Our community has grown to include over 50,000 enthusiastic participants in our tours and trips.

Students form a crucial part of our audience, with more than 2,000 young learners from diverse locations joining our camps and tours annually. At Foliage Outdoors, we believe in blending excitement with education. Our tours go beyond mere adventure, offering immersive learning experiences about nature and its inhabitants.

We provide:

  1. Comprehensive information on local flora and fauna, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects
  2. Engaging nature trails led by expert guides
  3. Interactive presentations tailored to different age groups and interests

Our "Fun and Learn" model has proven highly effective, allowing students to grasp complex ecological concepts through hands-on experiences. This pragmatic approach has yielded impressive results, fostering a deeper connection between young minds and the natural world.

By choosing Foliage Outdoors, you're not just selecting a tour operator – you're opting for a transformative experience that combines adventure, education, and environmental stewardship. Join us in exploring the great outdoors while nurturing a new generation of nature enthusiasts and conservationists.



Award Winning Organization


Flexibility and Customization


Best Price Offered


Trained and Qualified Team


Safety comes first

Why Choose Foliage Outdoors?

  1. Tailored Experiences: Custom-designed programs to meet the unique needs of each group.
  2. Engaging Education: Critical lessons are delivered through fun, interactive activities that captivate participants.
  3. Real-World Relevance: Learning experiences that connect directly to everyday life, fostering eco-conscious citizenship.
  4. Proven Expertise: 24 years of excellence in the tourism industry.
  5. Seamless Logistics: Our dedicated Infinite Journeys team ensures smooth hotel bookings and reservations.
  6. Extensive Network: Partnerships with major hotel chains and premium campsites across India.
  7. Expert Team: Over 100 skilled professionals, including:
    • Experienced edu-tour guides
    • Student camp/tour managers
    • Wildlife experts
    • Adventure specialists
    • Trekking guides
    • Subject matter experts
    • Offbeat and study tour educators
  8. Safety First: All team members are Certified First Aiders, prioritizing participant well-being.
  9. Diverse Offerings: Expertise in conducting:
    • Educational tours
    • Nature camps
    • Wildlife expeditions
    • Adventure trips
    • Trekking experiences
    • Offbeat explorations

Choose Foliage Outdoors for an unparalleled blend of adventure, education, and safety, backed by years of experience and a passionate team of experts.

Our Themed Student Tours

  1. Nature Tours Immerse students in the natural world, fostering a deep appreciation for conservation. Our eco-tourism approach brings textbook knowledge to life as students explore diverse forests and ecosystems across the nation. Our expert team delivers engaging, research-based insights about local flora, fauna, and environmental dynamics. We believe that nature itself is the best classroom, offering invaluable lessons beyond traditional education.
  2. Adventure Tours Nurturing tomorrow's leaders through challenging experiences. Our Adventure Camps feature carefully designed team-building activities that develop crucial life skills and boost confidence. Students face and overcome obstacles individually and collectively, forging new friendships and acquiring essential personal growth tools. These tours are crafted to build resilience, leadership, and problem-solving abilities in a fun, supportive environment.
  3. Culture and Heritage Tours Experience is the best teacher of tradition and culture. Our Culture and Heritage tours introduce students to India's rich tapestry of diverse cultures and historical sites. We breathe life into history textbooks, bridging the gap between past and present. Students gain a tangible connection to their heritage, understanding its relevance in today's world and fostering a sense of national pride and global cultural awareness.
  4. CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Programmes Tailored trips designed to fulfill CAS programme requirements while providing unforgettable experiences. Our goal is to engage students in creative, active, and service-oriented activities that align with CAS principles. We strive to educate, challenge, and inspire participants, ensuring they maximize their programme benefits in the most exciting and meaningful way possible.
  5. Study Tours & Educational Tours Customized educational journeys for academic institutions. We handle all logistics - from safe transportation and comfortable accommodation to hygienic food and comprehensive travel insurance. Each tour is assigned a dedicated coordinator, allowing faculty to focus entirely on students and the educational programme. Our meticulous planning ensures a seamless, enriching experience that complements classroom learning with real-world exposure.

At Foliage Outdoors, we're committed to transforming each tour into a powerful learning experience, combining safety, education, and adventure to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

Our Strengths

  1. Expert Travel Planning
    • Dedicated Air and Visa team
    • Tailored flight suggestions with optimal stopovers
    • Customized travel plans to suit your program's specific requirements
  2. Unparalleled Accommodation Knowledge
    • First-hand information on over 1,000 hotels across India
    • Ability to select the best lodging options for each unique tour
  3. Comprehensive Travel Insurance
    • Peace of mind for participants, parents, and institutions
    • Coverage for unforeseen circumstances during the tour
  4. Real-Time Communication
    • Trip updates to parents throughout the tour
    • Allows parents and school management to track tour progress
    • Enhances transparency and trust
  5. Gender-Sensitive Staffing
    • Inclusion of female instructors and volunteers
    • Ensures comfort and convenience for female participants
    • Promotes a safe and inclusive environment for all
  6. Experienced Tour Management
    • Seasoned professionals handling logistics
    • Proactive problem-solving and adaptability
  7. Educational Focus
    • Emphasis on learning outcomes in all tour types
    • Integration of academic objectives with experiential learning
  8. Safety Priority
    • Stringent safety protocols in place
    • All staff trained in first aid and emergency procedures
  9. Customization Capability
    • Flexibility to tailor tours to specific institutional needs
    • Ability to incorporate special requests and educational goals
  10. Nationwide Network
    • Extensive connections across India for smooth operations
    • Access to unique experiences and locations

At Foliage Outdoors, we leverage these strengths to deliver exceptional, educational, and safe travel experiences for students. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the tour is carefully planned and executed, providing value to participants, peace of mind to parents, and achieving the educational goals of institutions.