Volunteers Training Programme (VTP 2021)
₹ 22,900
  Foliage Outdoors - Volunteers Training Programme (VTP) 2021 Experience of conducting Wildlife Camps, Treks, Kids’ Camps for the last 20 years has taught us one thing. It is the “TEAM” that makes the difference! In our constant endeavor of making Foliage Outdoors camps better, we are happy to announce the Volunteers Training Programme 2021. This programme is aimed at developing a better TEAM of Volunteers and Instructors out of enthusiastic Foliagers !!    Course Structure: 07 indoor sessions. 05 outdoor sessions.  One Nature outing (1 Day). One Trek (1 Day). One overnight training camp (1 Night 2 Days). Community Service Project. Topics: Develop Personality and Leadership Abilities.  Communication and Presentation skills. Interpersonal skills. Team Dynamics. How to manage Time and resources and the importance of the same. Group dynamics and Importance of Teamwork. Administration of Multiple days Outdoor programme. Administration of One day Outdoor Programme. Group games and Group discussions. Storytelling Workshop. Basic First Aid. Highlights of VTP: Outdoor experts with more than 20+ years of field experience as Faculty Members. Knowledge of equipment and its application in the Great Outdoors through hands-on experience.  Personality development, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, knowing group dynamics, polishing administrative skills, learning to work in a team, testing leadership abilities, quick response time, etc. The program is a blend of fun and learning. Fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, it helps retain the learnings for lifelong. Community Service Projects and assignments that will cultivate empathy and confidence of belongingness to the community. Participants achieving A+ grade on course conclusion will get a 100% refund of the course fees. Participants will get a certificate on completion of the Programme.   How will VTP benefit you? A personality development program which encourages personal discovery and growth. Opportunities of presentations will enhance the skills that will be lifetime assets for participants. Creates a sense of responsibility to themselves and service to their community in short  building community awareness among the participants. Participants completing the Programme with ‘C’ grade will be eligible for discounts in camp fees. Participants completing the Programme with ‘B’ and ‘B+’ grades will be eligible to get included in the team leading Foliage Outdoors camps without incurring any expenditure. Participants completing the Programme with ‘A’ grade will be eligible to do the Leaders Development Programme. Participants completing the Programme with ‘A’ grade will be invited to Foliage Outdoors camps as Volunteers  and will get honorarium for the same. Opportunity for Full time career with Foliage Outdoors for deserving candidates. Who can participate? For Age group between 16 to 25 years College Students Freelancers Nature Lovers Naturalists Trekking Enthusiasts   VTP fees: Charges: Rs. 22,900 + 18% GST Duration: 15th August 2021 and will continue till January 2022 (Indoor and Outdoor sessions). Projects and assignments will be during this period or post January. Timing: Indoor sessions will be conducted from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm every Saturday. Indoor sessions will be conducted from 8.30 am to 11.30 am every Sunday.   Bookings: Foliage Outdoors is a division of INFINITE JOURNEYS PVT. LTD. Foliage Outdoors reserves all rights of admission for VTP 2021. Bookings for VTP - 2021 will be done on a first come first served basis. Bookings for VTP - 2021 are to be made at the office of Foliage Outdoors or can be booked online as well. Foliage Outdoors reserves all rights to change the venue / dates / schedule / cost or cancel the VTP 2021. Charges & Expenses: The participants shall, along with the booking form, pay prescribed fees for the course. Participants, who have registered for VTP 2021 online, must pay the prescribed booking / advance amount within two weeks of the registration. If the payment is not made within two weeks, then the registration shall be deemed to be cancelled. VTP 2021 Regulations: During VTP 2021, the participants shall abide by the instructions and decisions of the VTP 2021 Program Director or authorised representative of Foliage Outdoors. During VTP 2021, in case of any dispute for whatsoever reasons, the decision of the VTP 2021 Program Director or authorised representative of Foliage Outdoors shall be final and binding on all the participants. In the event the participants disobey the directions / instructions of the VTP 2021 Program Director or authorised representative of Foliage Outdoors, the participant(s) shall be solely liable for the risks, responsibilities, costs and consequences. Foliage Outdoors has the right to terminate the training of a person(s) for disciplinary reasons. Foliage Outdoors reserve the right to substitute course instructors as necessary. Foliage Outdoors reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses at will. Notification of changes will be made as quickly as possible. Consumption and/or possession of liquor, tobacco products, cigarettes, Narcotic substances etc. is strictly prohibited during the course timing of VTP 2021 or any of the outdoor programmes conducted by FOLIAGE OUTDOORS. Cancellation Policy for VTP 2021: Any cancellation by participant(s) must be communicated to Foliage Outdoors in Office in writing in the prescribed format available at Foliage Outdoors office. Rs.2,000/- will be charged if the cancellation is made more than 15 days before the course commencement. Rs. 5,000/- will be charged if the cancellation is made more than 7 days before the course commencement. No refund will be payable in case of “No Show”. No refund after the commencement of the course. read more read less