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Balloon Fight

An activity designed to test spontaneity and skill, the Balloon Fight is where you learn to multitask while ensuring your own survival. Besides, it is an excellent way to generate energy among participants and set the tone for the workshop!

Acid River Crossing

Put your imagination and presence of mind to the test as you cross an imaginary river of acid and try to survive! The goal is to get the entire team across the river safely, complete a task on the other bank, and then return intact to home base. An advanced game where dexterity, time-management, and resourcefulness come into play.

Balloon Rail

Balloon Rail is an excellent way to test teamwork and coordination, as the success of the team depends on equal participation of every team member. The game also encourages team members to open up and share creative ideas, thereby increasing team bonding.

Balloon Race

Another game that tests the dependability of the team members, as they struggle to cross the finish line while keeping the maximum number of balloons intact. Coordination, trust, and team effort come into play even as team members get to know each other.

Blind Intent

Trusting the team leader is important, no matter how dire the situation or curious the instruction. Blind intent is a way of building trust in each other, as team members rely solely on their captain’s instructions to reach the goal safely. Coordinating within the chaos and paying attention to only their own orders builds concentration and acceptance in the team as well!

Caterpillar Walk

Caterpillar Walk takes group synchronization to another level, as team members have to crawl to their goal in caterpillar-like fashion. Achieving perfect rhythm and dependency is the key to cracking this fun game! A great way of setting up smooth functioning within the team to achieve a common target.

Conveyour Belt

For a team to succeed, nothing is more important than flawless communication and that is what this game encourages. Conveyor belt tests how well the team can work, driven by a common goal and directed by a leader. A game of strategic thinking, it leads to an intuitive understanding of effective planning and management to achieve the required result.

Delivery Challenge

The terms are given a bucket each filled with water and balls. They are also given a small basket with strings attached to it. They have to correct the balls in the bucket with the help of the basket. But the catch is you can only do this by holding the tip of the strings attached to the basket. Then the collected balls have to be dropped in another small bucket placed at a distance of 100 - 150ft. Different challenges are introduced at every round. .


Great Icebreaker/Energizer activity. You sit back to back with your partner and when the whistle is blown you have to stand up without taking support of our hands.

Human Bingo

A great icebreaking activity to learn interesting facts about your team members. A sheet with multiple boxes of facts are given to each team. The team has to fill in each question box with names of people that match the facts listed on a bingo-style sheet. The team with the maximum facts answered wins.

Dragon Trail

The temas form a train. The person in the rear puts the handkerchief in they back pocket so that the handkerchief is hanging out. The object of the game is for each dragon to move as one unit towards another dragon. The teams will try to catch the opposing teams handkerchief. They must do this without breaking the chain of people. Only the leader of the dragon may catch the handkerchief. The team that catches the other dragon’s handkerchief wins.


Strategic planning is the crux of this game that requires vigilance, spontaneity, and team effort. Pirates is an engaging activity, where two or more members from different teams attempt to steal cones for their respective teams. Add a dose of healthy competition and you have a winning team activity on your hands!

Production House

Production House is a great way of finding out the latent talents of the team members as all work together towards creating the product they have been assigned as well as their problem-solving ability, coordination, and planning and execution skills.


The goal of the exercise is to have to team work together to build a stretcher and transport one of their team members to safety in a given amount of time. At the end of this activity the temas learn some valuable things like cooperation, clear communication, teamwork, interdependence, patience

Obstacle Course

A great team building activity where the entire team has to go through a set of obstacles. They have to encourage and help each other get through all the obstacles. The team to complete the entire course in the least amount of time wins.

Ring Passing

The group stands in a circle holding hands. They have to pass a hula hoop through the circle without letting go of their hands.

Save the World

Save the World is the ultimate test of doing your own task well, while keeping an eye simultaneously on the surroundings. The intent is to make one task routine while paying attention to communication from the team members. The game encourages people to work effectively under pressure and while under a deadline. It also tests how well the team can perform as a whole and support each others’ efforts.

Sack Race

Kangaroo Relay or Sack Race are two games that add hopping to the traditional game, for a fun experience. The activity is to encourage a feeling of team spirit and coordination among the team members as they hop around the track to complete the race!

Team Formation

Put your synchronization skills to the test as you dance your heart out. Teams have to work together to come up with a team name and bust a few classic dance moves and slogans. A great game for breaking the ice and encouraging team members to get to know each other.

Tie Run

Testing the synchronization and support of the team members, Tie Run is where the entire team works hand-in-hand (foot-in-foot?) to reach a common goal. A fun way to get the entire team working in coordination and a hilarious, bonding activity, Tie Run is a great favorite among participants!

Trust Walk

Trust is a crucial ingredient of team building, for you need to be able to trust your team members without reservations when in the great outdoors. Trust Walk is one such activity that creates trust between the team as they rely solely on each other to cross a series of obstacle courses. It is also a test of dependability and concentration as the failure of even a single member can disqualify the entire team.

Calls of Nature

A fun way to sort people into teams by getting them to enact the different elements of nature right from the start! This helps in getting people to shed their shyness and participate actively right from the beginning.

Cob Web

Following directions accurately in the face of obstacles is the intent of this game, as the entire team strives to cross a crazy web of ropes! An exercise in concentration and coordination, it also encourages a problem-solving attitude among the team members as they try to untangle themselves from the Cob Web!

Tug of War

The classic tug-of-war is an all-time favorite among participants as each team tries to prove its superior strength and strategy. It is also a test of collective efforts as the team works as one complete unit towards achieving a common goal! All hands aboard!

A Maze

A Maze is an amazing mix-and-match of major and minor tasks. The general idea is to complete as many tasks as possible that will earn the team maximum points within the shortest time. The ingenuity of the team boils down to the games in which they participate and how they distribute their manpower so as to get more points. Planning and coordination, along with thoughtful division of tasks is the intent here!

Swamp Way

Imagine crossing a crocodile-infested swamp with only a handful of magic tiles to step on and your team leader’s guidance to lead the way! That’s this game in a nutshell! The ultimate challenge of trust, concentration, and coordination, this game is a superb way of analysing teamwork as a whole!

Raft Building and Lake Crossing

The Raft Building and Lake Crossing activity is where the real fun begins! The aim is simple - build a raft out of the given materials and then cross the lake successfully. And while that sounds easy, it requires a lot of strategic thinking, coordination, and know-how of optimum use of resources. The team that manages to make a water-worthy raft and ply all the people and equipment across safely, wins! Note: All our water-based activities are conducted under expert supervision, after the necessary safety briefing and safety precautions are strictly followed.

Activity based Treasure Hunt

A fun and exciting team activity where teams have to work together to solve the given clues. Each clue has specific instructions for the teams to execute or perform interesting tasks to reach their goal. The activity focuses on team synchronization, team coordination, and communication skills, along with a dash of fun.

Treasure Hunt Navigation Based

The Compass-based Treasure Hunt introduces teams to the wonders and perils of the wild as teams track the treasure using maps, compasses, and their own common sense. A time constraint encourages the teams to think under pressure and come up with innovative solutions!

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a real, ‘brain buster’ that requires a lot of thinking and communication. This challenge is very similar to a human chess game. The group is split in two, with both sides working together to complete the challenge. Cooperation and planning are essential to complete this task. The aim of Traffic Jam is for the two sides to work their way across to the opposite side in the same order. To achieve success, both sides must work together and carefully select the best move, if you make a wrong move, you will end up in a jam and will need to restart the challenge. Participants may only move forward to an empty space and only one at a time. Participants cannot jump over each other or pass their own teammate. Only one spot per person is allowed (no sharing).