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Company Profile

Foliage Outdoors (A Division of Infinite Journeys) has emerged as the leading eco-tourism company in Pune. Over the last 18 years, Foliage Outdoors has redefined wildlife and adventure tourism and changed the way people explore the vast outdoors. Over the years, Foliage Outdoors has offered ardent travel enthusiasts memorable and lifetime offbeat holidays experiences.

Of the 40,500 Foliagers till date, school and college students comprise a huge segment with over 3,000 students from different schools, colleges, institutions participating in the various camps organized every summer. Be it our exclusive ‘Student Camps or Study tours / Educational Tours or Kids Camps’, Foliage has struck a chord with young minds and has remained the preferred choice for all.

Foliage Outdoors has an able team of more than 250 instructors and volunteers who are experts ranging from edu tours, managing students’ camps, wildlife, adventure and trekking with a vast experience in conducting offbeat tours, study tours, edu tours, nature camps for students. The team is dedicated in ensuring that the students enjoy the best of the great outdoors while they learn vital lessons of conservation and the overall ecosystem.

From providing in-depth information about eco systems, history, heritage, culture, conducting nature trails and informative slide-shows, our team strives to deliver a complete and enriching program tailor-made for inquisitive minds. This ‘Fun & Learn’ model has already shown some remarkable results with students learning critical lessons of nature by experiencing it themselves.

Why Foliage Outdoors? OR Advantage Foliage

  • Programs designed & conducted as per the requirement of the group.

  • Provide critical lessons in a fun and enjoyable way through various engaging activities.

  • The learning is deeply connected to our everyday lives and encourages students to become more aware and eco-friendly citizens.

  • Seventeen years of experience in field of Tourism.

  • Dedicated team of Infinite Journeys for Hotel bookings and reservations.

  • Tie ups with all major and reputed hotel chains and campsites in India.

  • An able team of more than 200 instructors, volunteers ranging from experts in guiding edu tours, managing students camps/tours, wildlife, adventure and trekking with a vast experience in conducting offbeat tours, study tours, edu tours, nature camps for students.

  • All team members accompanying the tours/camps are Certified First Aiders.

Safety comes first !!

Safety is a major cause for concern among parents while sending them outside the house. We recognize this fact and are ably equipped to guarantee students a safe environment throughout the trip.

All our instructors and volunteers undergo a mandatory rigorous First Aid training once a year.

All our destinations are equipped with proper transport and well-connected to the nearest hospitals.

At certain destinations, the doctor-on-call facility is also available.

Besides the obvious physical safety, we recognize the need to also look out for the emotional safety of all our students.

Our team is well-trained to handle various age groups and deal expertly with all sorts of emotional upheavals.

Our Tours for students based on theme as below :-

1. Nature Tours

As we lead students closer to nature, we strive to imbibe in them the timely need for conservation. At Foliage Outdoors, we 'practice what we preach' and eco-tourism is the path on which students will walk with us. All the natural history studied in textbooks will come alive as students explore the different types of forests and the changing flora and fauna across the nation. We believe learning happens as much outside the classroom as inside it, and our team delivers researched knowledge about the ecosystem in an engaging manner.

2.  Adventure Tours

Students of today are going to be the leaders of tomorrow and we believe in catching them young! Our Adventure Camps are comprised of a number of team-building activities that lend a hand in building students' personalities. Challenges are presented to them at every stage and each obstacle they conquer individually and as a team, adds to their confidence levels. Students will walk away with not just new friendships but also with essential life skills.

3.  Culture and Heritage Tours

At Foliage Outdoors, we firmly believe that tradition and culture cannot be taught. It must be experienced. We take the initiative of introducing students to various cultures spread across the nation, through our Culture and Heritage tours. India is a land blessed with heritage sites. For students, they often remain just names in a history textbook. We wipe off this invisible boundary between the Past and the Present and conjure up an experience where 'history will repeat itself'! 

4.  CAS Programmes

C-creativity A-action S-service Programme

We offer tailor-made trips to schools which cover a variety of options to fulfill the requirements of the CAS programme. Our aim is to engage the principles of the CAS programme to Educate, Challenge and Inspire students to get the most out of the their programme in the most exciting way possible.

5.  Study Tours & Educational Tours

In this type of tours, we offer tailor-made options to Institutes to fulfill the requirements of their programme. Our aim is to provide safest logistics along with arrangements for decent accommodation, hygienic food arrangements, dedicated co-ordinator for the entire tour, and provision of travel insurance along with the regular travel related services. The faculty of the institutes are kept away from the botheration of any arrangement thus ensuring their 100 % attention on students and the programme.


  1. Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India

  2. Member of ATOAI - Adventure Tour Operators Association of India

  3. Recognized by IMF - Indian Mountaineering Foundation

  4. Founder - Member of ATOM - Adventure Tour Operators of Maharashtra


  1. Dedicated Air and Visa team to suggest and offer right flights with the right stopover and correct requirements suiting your the programme and requirements.

  2. Proud of having first hand information of over a 1000 hotels across India.

  3. Provision of Travel Insurance.

  4. Provision of sending SMS updates to parents while the tour is on helping the parents and management track the proceedings of the tour.

We understand the importance of having lady instructors/volunteers on tour for the comfort and convenience of girl participants.  

Few of our Esteemed Institutional clients:

  1. Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune

  2. Millennium National School, Pune

  3. Saraswati Education Society’s - Gurukul School, Pune

  4. Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai

  5. Ardee World School, GOA

  6. Ambitions Commerce Institute, Pune

  7. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul, Loni Kalbhor

  8. GG International School, Pune

  9. D.Y. Patil International School, Pune