5 Things to Expect When You Send Your Kids to an Overnight Camp

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Whenever it is time for kids to go for their first camp, there is always apprehension in their minds. Who will I meet? Will I make any new friends? Will I get along with my Tais and Dadas? But, arguably, it is the parents who are worried even more! Even though they put on a brave face while wishing their children goodbye on the day of departure, it’s quite natural to feel concerned. Well, we at Foliage Outdoors are here to alleviate your concerns. Many of the children going on ‘Kids Camps’ (i.e. for the age groups 8-10 years and 10-12 years) are first-timers. So, you are certainly not alone.

Here are five things that parents should know when they send their children on a camp for the first time:

  1. Safety is our number one priority

At Foliage Outdoors, safety has always been the first and foremost priority at all our camps. All our adventure activities are performed under the guidance of highly trained professionals. Our campsites are selected keeping the security of the campers in mind. There are always First-Aid kits handy, in the case of any unforeseen medical emergency. Further to that, all of our instructors are certified First-aiders.

  1. A team of awesome volunteers

A team of trained and experienced volunteers & instructors are the one of the biggest strengths we have at Foliage. They have undergone a rigorous training programme prior to the camps, and they are more than capable of handling any situation and may arise. That is why, you shouldn’t worry at all- your kids are in great hands!

  1. Food

Food is, more often than not, a parent’s primary cause of concern. Keeping that in mind, we have ensured that the food is sumptuous, tasty, not too oily and of the best quality. There are usually 4 meals on camp- Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner. Tais and Dadas are there to make sure that your kid enjoys a filling meal each time, so that they can feel energized for the plethora of activities that are in store for them.

  1. No contact with campers

At Foliage Outdoors, we highly discourage contact between the parents and the campers during the duration of the camp. Although it is possible to get in touch with your children in case of some emergency, we tell parents not to call them when they’re at camp. It’s is your child’s first trip alone, away from home. It is a golden opportunity for the kids to be independent and learn on their own. And if they do feel a bit afraid, our Tais and Dadas are always there to look after them. But, from our experience, the kids are having so much fun, they forget all their fears and apprehensions!

  1. A dedicated office team

Although we do not encourage direct contact with campers, you are always free to get in touch with our highly qualified front office team in case of any queries that you may have. The office team is in constant contact with the instructors on camp, and will send regular text messages to inform you regarding any updates from the campsite.

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