How to prepare your child for his/her first ever camp

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The day that your child departs for the camp can be a scary one. For you, the parent, as well as your child. That’s why is important to mentally prepare him or her for what lies ahead.

Explain to your child how this new newfound independence is supposed to work. Explain to him/her that is freedom is not just to be enjoyed, but to be responsibly cherished. Tell the kids that it’s okay to be scared. Almost everyone will be at their first camp, and almost everyone will be scared. It’s totally natural. But it’s also an opportunity to make new friends- both with your fellow campers and the Tais and Dadas who will be there with them, to guide them on every step of their journey. Any difficulty, any assistance you require- do not hesitate to ask the instructors going along- they will surely be happy to help.

There are also so many activities to engage in, tasty food to eat, places to explore, rivers to cross, and mountains to conquer. Once you start participating in these activities, you will soon forget all about your fears, apprehensions. You will stop missing your parents and start to eagerly await what lies in store ahead.

Finally, you will get so busy in enjoying yourself that before you know it, the camp will already be over. But you won’t come back empty handed. You will carry back with you a plethora of awesome memories and a new group of friends that you cherish for a lifetime!

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