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Over the past decade or so, there has been a steep rise in the number of people taking up?backpacking as a way of going about their travel goals. The element of risk, freedom and a relentless craving of winning over raw-dressed adventure stakes inherently associated with it, has catered to this rise. The very idea of packing your backpack with basic essentials and hitting out on untouched pathways is in itself, a thrilling journey.

The budget friendliness of this type of travel combined with the flexibility it offers has made it popular among youngsters.

(The content to follow intends to touch upon the growth of backpacking in India, highlighting popular destinations like Ladakh, Spiti and North-East India.)

Where backpacking has taken over as a popular way of meeting budget-friendly travel goals, most travellers fear setting out into the raw realms of backpacking especially when it concerns travel in far off and seemingly lost trails.

In our surveys and market-related studies, we came across two types of travellers having inclination to backpacking: the ones who wished to go all in with regards to the rawness factor, and the latter who wished to keep to a similar trail with partial luxuries associated to the same, which would still budget a lot less than a thoroughly outsourced tour.

As a company, we have come up with our own version of backpacking and exploration tours to aid budding backpackers. We take pride in guiding hardcore backpackers in their endeavour of exploring the raw fields of nature by making the bare minimum arrangements for them. As for budding explorers, we have compiled exploration tours, we like to call ?Exploration Tours – The Backpacking Way?. A run through of the same shall follow.

Explore Ladakh – The Backpacking Way

Famed by the Bollywood movie ?3 Idiots?, Ladakh has been attracting travel eyes from all over India and even beyond. It has become pretty accessible now, given the ever-increasing footfall it hosts, making it a very popular backpacking destination.

Biking in Ladakh happens to make the wishlist of budding bikers and pro bikers alike. Camping beside Pangong, road tripping, living the local tales and trails of the land, are somethings which find a place on the to-do lists of all exploring hearts. In our exploration tour, we have tried to cover and offer all these aspects, all under the guidance of our on-field travel companion cum guide.

During the journey, we not only visit the usual tourist attraction, but we also get to immerse
ourselves in the local culture as we are not pressed for time. As we stray from the usual transport
methods hardcore backpackers use, we call this tour ‘Explore Ladakh- The Backpacking Way’
and not ‘Backpacking in Ladakh’.

This is what we have to offer, an experience-driven journey with a backpacking taste.

To know more about our plan-up, follow the link: Backpacking in Ladakh with Foliage

Explore North-East India – The Foliage Way

The enormity of the distinctive colours of North-East, with respect to the number of tribes it caters home to, the wildlife it hosts. The wide range and variety of the natural wonders it has in store, for explorers,?is simply put – UNREAL!

Be it the stunningly unreal glimpse of the living root-bridges of Nongriant framed in the picture above or the simplicity that graces the longest river island in the world – Majuli in Assam; Northeast India peels off its magical layers one by one, as one starts exploring this promised land.

We have tried to include most of these layers in our backpacking plan-ups.?The journey takes us from
the bustling city life of Guwahati and Shillong to the serene and untouched pathways of
Cherapunji and Majuli. Wildlife lovers can journey their loved trails into the wild bearings of Kaziranga, Pobitora and Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary.

North-East India is truly a backpacking paradise, one can pay a visit to the tribal gambling stations while simultaneously treating themselves to local cuisine and art in some unique niches of Meghalaya. The indescribable emotions that you take back from this unexplored land, shall make sure you leave a part of yourselves in North-East.

To know more about our North-East Backpacking plan-up, follow this link: Explore North-East – The Backpacking Way

Explore Spiti Valley – The Foliage Way

There’s a lot more to Spiti than what meets the eye. The journey to Spiti Valley is in itself a lasting adventure.

Most people take the Shimla-Kaza-Manali circuit centring Spiti, primarily because, it roller coasts explorers from the green valleys of Saharan and Sangla to the cold deserted Spiti Valley. This transition also ensures mountain sickness stays in check, given the gradual height gain. Climbing up from Manali-Kaza can be a tedious task for the body, given the sudden height gain.

We have kept all of these points in mind while planning our Spiti Valley Backpacking Tour. It?ll be an experience-driven road trip that shall primarily give all explorers a chance to get a taste of all the distinct colours of ?Spiti valley, while staying in home-stays, questing and exploring local life to the fullest. Visits to tourist attractions shall certainly be on the list, but like mentioned before, in an experience-driven demeanour.

To know more about our Spiti Tour plan-up follow this link: Backpacking in Spiti – The Foliage Way

Backpacking shall keep gaining its destined height, and we are committed, to make you sail-up high. On that note, we’d close in on this blog post for now. Please feel free to get back to us, we’d love to host and guide you in your backpacking and exploring ventures.

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