Leadership Development Program
₹ 23,500
Recommended for age group: 13 to 16 years ! Leadership in outdoors is not just about taking the lead, it’s about taking everybody along as you go. The Leadership Development Program is designed to nurture this important trait in your children, from a very young age.  From mountaineering skill development and navigation techniques to activities that encourage decision-making, the program lays the groundwork for the future leaders of the outdoors! The skills and understanding children acquire in this programme will help them to be a better leader in the area of their choice, in the years to come. Simulated situations where their presence of mind and competence is tested, games to develop planning and organization, and trails to encourage a deep and profound love for nature are some of the highlights that set the outdoor Leadership Program apart. Enroll your child today to help them grow into leaders of tomorrow!   read more read less