Sahyadri Adventure Experience (Tamhini)
₹ 6,800
Recommended for age group 14 - 18 years The stage for some of the most fascinating activities is set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the mighty Sahyadris. A trek through the impregnable forests of Andharban (The Dark Forest) will introduce you to unexplored Jungles, different birds and insects. Camping in the backdrop of calm and beautiful backwaters of Mulshi and Bhira, enjoying the lush beauty with the wind against your face will be a treat for the senses.You will believe you have your hands full till we mention that along the way you will stay in self-pitched tented campsites at picturesque locations so that you can appreciate the raw beauty of nature. Learn all about surviving in the Great Outdoors which is a must for any avid adventurer, right from the basics like setting up tents to Wilderness survival skills! Get your Adventure mode on this winter, with our Sahyadri Adventure Experience! read more read less