Expressions with Dr. Saleel Kulkarni - 
         A camp to explore yourself with our team. 

Venue : Camp 365 - https://camp365.in/gallery.html

८ ते १३ या वयोगटातील मुलांविषयी विचार करतांना कायम असं वाटतं कि त्यांच्यामध्ये अनेक शक्यता असतात . 
         प्रत्येक गोष्ट टिपून घेणारं हे वय … या काळात मुलांना आपण एखाद्या कलेच्या किंवा खेळाच्या क्षेत्रात शिकायला पाठवतो आणि अनेकदा  त्यात ते नैपुण्य मिळवतात सुद्धा पण मनाच्या बाकीच्या खिडक्या आणि दरवाजे मात्र बंदच राहतात . 

      अनेक वेळेला मोठे झाल्यावर असं मनात येतं  कि अरे लहानपणी ही  गोष्ट करून पाहायला हवी होती .. 

   पालकांना अनेकदा वाटतं कि कसं ओळखावं कि ह्याच्यात एखादा अभिनेता , गायक , वक्ता , लेखक दडला आहे का ? 
आणि म्हणूनच या कॅम्प मध्ये त्यांना सगळ्या प्रकारे व्यक्त  होता येईल असा प्रयत्न आम्ही करणार आहोत ..  ह्यात स्पर्धा नाही , क्रमांक नाहीत .. मात्र आनंदाने प्रत्येक गोष्ट करून पाहता येईल .. गोष्टी सांगून बघता येतील आणि अभिनय करून पाहता येईल आणि अशा अनेक गोष्टी अनुभवता येतील आणि हे सगळं होईल निसर्गाच्या कुशीत. 

     या कोवळ्या वयांत मुलांना एका संवेदनशील माणूस आणि कलाकाराच्या सानिध्यात  निसर्गाच्या कुशीत  स्वतःशी संवाद साधण्याची ही संधी आपण द्यायला हवी . 

About Dr.Saleel Kulkarni - 

This music director-singer with an MBBS degree has made his own unique identity in the hearts and homes of Marathi audiences worldwide. 
While doing notable work as a music director-singer, he has done exceptional work for kids through different mediums.

He hosted the popular TV show “Madhli Sutti “ wherein he was understanding young minds and communicated with them effectively.

He has also established a deep connection with all children through his Music compositions for them. 

Through many reality shows that he judged, Dr. Saleel has closely experienced the nurturing and development of talented children, their relationship with parents, and also the kind of Dreams and ambitions kids have. 
As a very well-recognized writer and speaker, he has put forward some very crucial points related to Childhood, Parenting, etc. 
As a Filmmaker, his film Ekda Kay Zala was an experience that uniquely encapsulated some very important points in Child Psychology, Communication, and Parenting. 
Recently he was invited to the glorious Stanford University as a guest lecturer to speak about “Storytelling And Childhood“. 
Being a doting and sensitive father himself, no doubt your child would have an enriching and fun-filled experience with Dr. Saleel Kulkarni.

It is a One Day Program. 

Batch 1: 22 July 2023: Kids Only ( Age Group: 8-13 Yrs)
Batch 2: 23 July 2023: Parents and Kids

12 Hours Available on request Kothrud, Maharashtra
Batch Dates and Charges
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  • Sorry no more departures available. You could get in touch with us at info@foliageoutdoors.com if you'd like to make a booking.
  • Highlights
    • An opportunity to Express
    • An opportunity to Explore
    • Programme facilitation by Dr. Saleel Kulkarni
    • A venue in the heart of Nature - Camp 365 in Kamshet region. https://camp365.in/gallery.html
    • 0700 hrs: Reporting at Kothrud Office, Karve Road, Near McDonalds (Opp Karishma Society)
    • 0715 hrs: Departure to Camp 365 by Bus
    • 0830 hrs: Reach Camp 365
    • 0845 hrs : Breakfast 
    • 0930 hrs : Nature Trail 
    • 1030 hrs : Return from Trail 
    • 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs : Session 1 
    • 1300 hrs - 1345 hrs : Lunch.
    • 1345 hrs to 1430 hrs : Session 2 
    • 1445 hrs to 1545 hrs : Session 3 
    • 1600 hrs : Hi-Tea 
    • 1630 hrs : Camp closing Ceremony 
    • 1730 hrs : Departure to Pune. 
    • 1900 hrs : Arrival at Foliage Outdoors Office. 

    What is included in the tour

    • Food charges (Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Tea)
    • Transport by Non AC Bus 
    • Facilitation by Dr. Saleel Kulkarni
    • Nature Trail by Foliage Outdoors Team.
    • Services of a tour leader from Foliage Outdoors.

    What is NOT included in the tour

    • Bottled Mineral water / cold drinks purchased during the journey or at the campsite.
    • Any medical expenses, if incurred.
    • Expenses incurred due to delay in the schedule for reasons beyond the control of organizers.
    • Any other personal expenses.
    • Any charges not mentioned in "Inclusions list / Charges Include list".
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    Students (10 to 16 yrs), Kids (8 to 10 yrs), Kids (10 to 12 yrs), Students (12-14 yrs), Kids, Students
    Pickup point
    Foliage Outdoors, Karve Road, near McDonald's, Jhala Co-Op Housing Society, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India View on Map
    Age Range
    8 to 10 years, 10 to 12 years