Known for its famous beaches, monuments, churches and beautiful landscapes, Goa is one of the most visited tourist spots of India. Goa's cultural heritage developed through a slow but constant process of absorption of the best qualities of foreign cultures. This gave birth to a whole new blend of people, food, festivals, music, and dance. Most people associate Goa with beaches, but there lies an unexplored sphere of biodiversity at the heart of Goa as well. The Western Ghats are home to a variety of birds and animals conserved in many Goan sanctuaries. The pockets of greenery, interspersed with elements of local culture make Goa a fascinating place to visit for your introduction to nature. Come, explore a whole new Goa with us this summer!

If you want to customize this trip, kindly contact the below Foliage Outdoors Representative.

Vikram Vyawahare:- info(at)foliageoutdoors.com

Mob. No. 7720804477

5 Nights 6 Days Available on request

Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience the history and natural beauty of  13th-century temple of Tambdi Surla

  • Nature trails along streams and forests to learn about the region’s flora and fauna

  • View wildlife documentaries and slideshows to get in-depth insights about the forests

  • A Tour to the Bondla wildlife sanctuary and zoo to learn about its wildlife

  • Visit to Spice plantation and Butterfly Garden to know more about the region’s micro fauna and flora

  • Fun, nature-based games to better understand the local wildlife

  • Introduction and hands-on experience of stargazing

  • Explore the regional birdlife through nature trails

  • Practical lessons in pottery-making, weaving bamboo baskets,  making coconut mats, etc.

  • Safaris to explore the natural wildlife of Bondla with experts from Foliage Outdoors

  • Knowledge-sharing sessions to discuss the regional flora and fauna

  • A Cook-Your-Own-Food experience at the resort followed by barbeque

  • Authentic Goan Boat Cruise on river Mandovi

  • Fun quiz at the end of the programme on all the places visited