The dense forests of Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary plays host not just to 'Shekru' - the giant squirrel but also to a variety of plants and animal species. There are wild boars, barking deer, porcupines and even leopards. In monsoons one can spot bioluminescent fungus on the trees which gives a faint shimmering glow to the tree trunks in the darkness of night.

1 Hour Available on request
  • Explore the Evergreen forest of Bhimashankar

  • Chance to Encounter the Malabar Giant Squirrel “Shekru”

  • Variety of Flora and Fauna


0545 hrs : Reporting at a Pre decided place.

0600 hrs : Leave for Bhorgiri. (Packed Breakfast en-route)

0930 hrs : Reach Bhorgiri Village. Start the Trek.

1230 hrs : Reach Gupta Bhimashankar and Rest.

1400 hrs : Proceed to Bhimashankar. 

1430 - 1530 hrs : Have lunch at a restaurant.

1630 hrs : Leave for Pune.

2000 hrs : Reach Pune.

Best time to visit: Monsoon and winter