Corporate Training & Outing for Employee Engagement

Give your employees some well-deserved time out from their daily duties with a planned, fun outing. Working all day, every day can get tiresome real quick. Which is why, your team needs a break away from the humdrum routine, so they can rejuvenate and come back to work with a fresh perspective! Encourage team bonding, with Foliage Outdoors - your one-stop solution for Corporate Tourism and Team Activities.

Since its inception in 2000, Foliage Outdoors is the leading travel and tourism company in Pune in nature tour organization and management. Based on these years of work on the field, we’ve designed some creative and energetic Corporate Outdoor Activities that are meant to create a long-lasting bond between teammates for a happier and productive work environment! 

We understand the needs of the modern corporate traveler and so have custom plans that take your comfort and requirements into consideration. 

Boost team morale with a fun-filled experience that enlivens your employees and helps them know each other better. Eliminate work-related stress and foster friendship among peers. Help them discover their latent talents and develop a creative bent of mind for a solution-oriented approach! 



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What do We Offer?

Foliage Outdoors has pioneered a revolutionary set of activities designed to evolve and improve managerial productivity, team building, and organizational effectiveness. The prime benefits of these include:

  • Outbound Activities - Get that Adrenaline Pumping

Our corporate training activities include simulations, specialized exercises, and programs that pull your employees out from their sedentary lifestyle and encourage them to participate in some fun physical sports and games.

Innovative team games that generate a healthy competitive spirit, adventure activities that get the adrenaline pumping, and creative exercises that inspire them to think out of the box are just some of the advantages of organized team activities.

  • Unique Training Modules - Enhance Soft Skills

Effective communication and adaptability are two skills that are a must for corporate employees, along with technical expertise. Foliage’s unique training modules are designed to encourage people to come up with creative solutions to challenges, thereby inspiring flexibility and presence of mind.

With highly trained facilitators, presenters, instructors, and affiliates, we have the perfect network that enables us to host Outbound Corporate Management Programs that include:

  1. Leadership Development and Training Modules
  2. Group Dynamics & Team-building Workshops
  3. Interpersonal and Organisational Communication Skills
  4. Creativity Workshops
  5. Conflict Management and Resolution Programs
  • Custom Plans - Tailor Your Own Schedule

Every corporate organization is different, as are the people working there. Which is why, although we have a basic framework of activities, we design a custom plan for you, based on your requirements. 

We first understand your objective for conducting these activities, whether it is team building, or leadership development, or increasing group dynamics, and customize the activities accordingly. This helps in tailoring the Outdoor Development Management Program specifically for your organization and getting the best output from your employees.

Training Capsules

Risk Taking & Problem Solving

Risk Taking & Problem Solving

  • Risk Taking & Problem Solving

All the Risk Management Activities help you and your group oversee and ease venture and program risks. Risks are ever present. How you organize and make do with them as a group that will choose your degree of accomplishment.



  • Collaboration

Alone we can do little; together we can do as such much. This appropriately clarifies the pith of coordinated effort where thoughts and concepts stream from a person to others in the group and group attempts to accomplish the outcomes. Coordinated effort based exercises enables groups to imagine the Bigger picture which causes them put their cooperative considerations into activities.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

  • Creativity and Innovation

Encourage creativity and innovation both individually and as part of a team, and it can be done by engaging in a variety of creative design thinking exercises. Innovation is a “creative muscle” that needs to be flexed and exercised to be strong and effective.

Ice Breakers & Energizers

Ice Breakers & Energizers

  • Ice Breakers & Energizers

Set of fun gathering exercises that breaks the ice, relaxes individuals up, gets members alert and locked in. Useful for individuals simply starting to become more acquainted with each other.

Team Building & Bonding

Team Building & Bonding

  • Team Building & Bonding

Team building exercises are a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. One of the most important reasons for team building is to get results. Through a series of curated activities that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Water Based

Water Based

  • Water Based

Water-based activities add a new element of fun to team sports, literally! Enjoy some spirited team-building games as you battle aquatic challenges and even the smallest mistake can result in an icy dip!

Adventure & Exploration

Adventure & Exploration

  • Adventure & Exploration

Trade the hustle-bustle of the city for a break in the mountains. Explore the hills and valleys of India, hike along hidden crags and plateaus, or indulge in some adrenaline-pumping adventure trails. Test yourself, your willpower and your strength on these forays into nature, as you enjoy along with your teammates!




Leadership skills and Initiative aptitudes don't come out naturally for everybody. With our exceptionally curated exercises move colleagues, improve camaraderie and figure out how to be in charge of group's correspondence, execution and in general prosperity. Perceive significant authority practices which will at last outcome in a beneficial work environment.

Choose from our list of corporate activities

Try Out Our Client-Specific Programs If You Want Something Special

We have something for you which is known as an Outdoor Management Development Program. Each OMDP is tailor-made keeping in mind the needs of each customer and the desired outcome they specifically require. Apart from classroom interactions, lectures by experts, and learning through simulations, the various activities are woven into our unique OMDP are:

  • River rafting
  • Nature trails/ bird watching
  • Stargazing
  • Tent pitching
  • Ice breaker games
  • Extempore speeches
  • Night marches

Why Foliage Outdoors?

Foliage Outdoors (A Division of Infinite Journeys) has redefined wildlife and adventure tourism, changing the way people explore the vast outdoors. Across all years of its existence, Foliage Outdoors has fulfilled its vision of offering ardent travel enthusiasts some of the most memorable and offbeat holiday experiences.

Apart from handling a steady stream for tourists, both domestic and international, Foliage Outdoors has been conducting outings for leading corporations of the country under its corporate services division.

Foliage Outdoors is your perfect answer to organizing and conducting all types of corporate activities that aid the evolution of your company. Begin your journey with us towards a better, more close-knit organization!


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